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Up until now, only large companies could benefit from the advantages of an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and have real-time insight into the production processes on the shop floor.

Thanks to CSD v4, the all-in MES solution by Creonis, managing, registering and monitoring production processes is now also made possible for small and medium-sized companies.

CSD is a flexible and affordable MES solution, full option.

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What do we do and what have we learned during the corona crisis?

We told the Kanaal Z programme Alle Zaken op een Rijtje on 20 June.

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Our MES gives insight in your production processes

Managing, registering and following up on the key areas of your production:

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Our MES-product results from the teamwork of our specialists, each in their own field. We have unique combined experience both in ICT and in business. This fundamentally sets us apart from other software companies.
Wim Hendrickx, Partner, Senior business consultant
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