CSD, the MES solution by Creonis, can easily be integrated with existing ERP or planning systems, SCADA and industrial hardware (scanners, sensors, scales, printers, etc.).

But … having an ERP, do you still need an MES?

Let's first have a look at what ERP and MES are and what they do. We’ll use their definitions according to ISA 95 and MESA.

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

An ERP manages the activities on plant level. From orders to deliveries, including the financials. The typical time frame is 'days'. Unit of measure is 'euro' or 'dollar'.

--> An ERP makes your administrative processes more efficient.

MES: Manufacturing Execution System

An MES manages the production processes on the shop floor. The focus is on planning, workflow and efficiency. The typical time frame is 'minutes'. The production is counted in production units or pieces.

--> An MES makes your production processes more efficient.

An MES has some specific functionalities not covered by an ERP:

  • Management of production process efficiency
    The necessary details of the production processes are only available in the MES.
  • Real-time monitoring of the production

    An ERP includes the start and the end of a batch, not its current status.

In other words, both ERP and MES are relevant, since they have other functions within an enterprise.

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