What happens on the shop floor?

You can see it at a glance. Quickly and efficiently. And therefore cost-saving.

Manufactured goods, downtime and consumption are recorded and processed in reports, KPIs, graphical dashboards, etc.


Measuring the efficiency of a production line (OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness / DTM Down Time Management). For example for packaging lines.

Top 10 Downtime Pareto Cause


CSD clusters interruptions per type. This way, you can detect structural problems and take appropriate measures more quickly.

Does it make sense to measure OEE?

Measuring OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) is sometimes dismissed as irrelevant since OEE does not reflect the total cost.

OEE is a technical KPI that aims to improve the technical performance of a machine or production line. An OEE provides valuable information for evaluating projects to improve efficiency. And will also indicate priorities for action.

However, a number of cost-determining elements are not included in this KPI: energy consumption, personnel costs, specific logistics costs, etc.

In addition to OEE, a number of other KPIs has to be monitored in order to ensure good technical performance of an equipment. These KPIs should also be integrated with the OEE measurement.

In addition, a correct OEE is vital when discussing capacity bottle necks. This may relate to:

  • working more correctly: improving quality
  • working better: improving efficiency
  • working more: taking new machines and equipment in production
  • working differently: working in shifts, weekends
  • ...

In short, an OEE should not be the only KPI to manage a production line. But it is an indispensable one. Without reliable OEE measurement, all attempts to compare and reduce costs are based on incorrect data.

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